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Egypt NewsSphinx Tunnel Confirmed
Dr Hawass confirms existence of Sphinx tunnel
Dateline: Wednesday, October 22, 2003
By: Phenomena News Editor
Source: SMU Daily Campus

The online student newspaper at SMU, the SMU Daily Campus, is carrying an interesting story on Dr Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypt's SCA. Speaking in a lecture hall on his passion for archaeology, Dr Hawass mentioned investigations into tunnels under the Giza Plateau.
Hawass received gasps from the audience when he revealed a secret about King Khefre.
He said that Khafre built the Sphinx and that there is a secret tunnel that leads from the base of the Sphinx to Khafre’s pyramid. He has confirmed his hypothesis, but unfortunately, the tunnel only extends 45 feet and there is nothing on the inside.

The story goes on to mention that Dr Hawass was excavating the tunnel at the time of Bill Clinton's visit a number of years ago. We are left to wonder at the motivation, therefore, behind the new scheme to map the 'labyrinth' beneath the Plateau, that Dr Hawass announced recently.

Independent egyptologist John Anthony West spear-heads an in-depth expedition of the Great Sphinx. Along with Dr. Robert Schoch–chief geologist and Professor of Geology at Boston University–and Thomas Dobecki–chief seismologist from Houston-based consulting firm McBride-Ratcliff & Associates–West and his team make amazing discovering... chambers and tunnels under the Great Sphinx!

After extensive geological and seismic surveys in the Sphinx enclosure, the team was convinced that:

the Sphinx was weathered not by wind, but rain–when heavy rains fell on the eastern Sahara, around the end of the last ice age. That places the original carving of the Sphinx at around 10,500 B.C., instead of the orthodox egyptologist's dating of c.2500 B.C.

What? An eight thousand year difference?

That would also mean that the Sphinx is not of Egyptian origin. If not the Egyptians, who carved the enigmatic statue? (cue Atlantians)

the Sphinx sits on several hitherto undiscovered tunnels and 'cavities'... including a large rectangular 'void' (chamber) 25 ft. below the Sphinx's haunches. (It's actually under the right paw.)
These findings have been universally accepted by geologists on the basis of scientific evidence. But not by traditional egyptologists who are less open to evidence that would crumble their very foundation.

Unfortunately, just as they found these monumental discoveries, West's work was terminated by the Director-General of Giza, Dr. Zahi Hawass.

I am waiting with baited breath for the announcement of the discovery of the ancient hall of records (of which I know they already have been accessing for years btw), for the rest of us .